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February 10, 2022

Pangolin Gin is an independent craft gin company built on the vision of its founder, Chris. Combining two of his passions - Craft & Conservation. Create the brand, packaging and website for an independently distilled gin that will donate 10% of its profits to the conservation of pangolins.

With its unique narrative, Pangolin Gin takes an unapologetic stance on animal conservation, celebrating the pangolin and the beautiful savannah it calls home. Featured in British Vogue and stocked at several specialist suppliers, Pangolin Gin have made a brilliant start to their journey.

Pangolins have so many traits that liken them to a good ol’ fashioned western gunslinger. So we developed a character that fits the bill; a lone ranger of the arid plains that takes care of his business after sundown.

Should he have a hat? Certainly. Should he have a gun? Probably not. Should he be sipping his favourite G&T? Definitely. We created, iterated and refined our own desert outlaw; Pango.

Pango stands tall and stern eyed, contrasting with the usual curled, defensive portrayal of pangolins. Hat and headband detailing inspired by South African park rangers. A Pangolin Gin & Slim garnished with one of the gin’s rare African botanicals; Honey bush. A detailed pen sketch highlighting texture, paying homage to the anatomical line drawing style of explorer journals.

As typical of South African reserve culture is the all important "Sundowner" after a long, hard day out on the plains. Enjoyed just as the sun is setting against the wild landscape, the tonal choices seek to evoke the emotion of that enthusiastically anticipated moment of joy, and calm.

Pangolin Gin's unique character manifests itself in the ultimate brand representation; the bottle. A unique identity complimented with carefully selected craft textures and printing methods. This spirit definitely stands out on the crowded gin shelf.

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