Dooka is an ideas agency. We provide businesses with an outside perspective on brand representation, internal process and strategic direction. Our process is rooted in research and strategy. From a deep dive into idea generation to delivering creative outputs, our team provides unique solutions and an end to end service.

Our mission is and always will be; to do the work we love, for ideas we respect, with people we admire. We are passionate about doing the best work possible, in hope that through our efforts, companies that ‘do good’ can stand out.


FOUNDER | Design Therapist | Master of Pudding

Barney is a larger than life character with an even larger pudding based memory bank. He’s multi-layered with a taste of everything, much like his beloved banoffee pie.

As a creative director with a particular drive towards crafting better experiences, Barney can convert conversations into context, and insights into ideas. Like all therapists, he listens to your problems and prescribes personalised solutions.

His international design education and experience are predominantly focused around social initiatives and human centred service. Basically, he’s going to make the RIGHT choice.


FOUNDER | industry philosopher | king zinger

In the studio he is known for his flamboyant dance moves, soulful power ballads and extensive knowledge of adlibs.

As a creative director with a background in product design, Jack places focus on designing and creating with the end user in mind. His creative insights are strategically driven, and his output is defined by a unique philosophical approach to creativity. 

Jack’s background in R&D, working for some of the top tech companies in the world allows him to combine his research rich design education with his innate artistic talents. The results are truly  beautiful pieces of original art and aesthetic design.


FOUNDER | business wizard | Master of ceremonies

The ceremonial prince of the dooka Kingdom lives by one rule: keep your socks high and your stocks higher. 

Haaris is our strategic director responsible for our financial management and business development. A business wizard who applies his perspective to brand challenges and is able to contextualise the creativity into cold, hard solutions.

An accountant by day, this renaissance man’s hat collection grows by the google meet. Haaris brings his experience of auditing large public and private sector organisations to the world of dooka.


FOUNDER | trend detective | Master of karate

Highly inquisitive and hyper energetic, Rob is our resident trend detective. The missing piece of your lego set, the uncontested life and soul of the party - get Rob on your team and he will win you the game.  

As our head of brand, Rob utilises his experience from a number of independent branding agencies to create solutions that are on trend and future proofed.

Rob combines his research based approach with an affinity for graphic design, creating work that is constantly considered in the light of industry developments.


non-exec director | guardian angel

Lisa has recognised senior expertise in both entrepreneurial and international corporate environments. She has held several board positions at global companies, including CEO.

She has a wealth of experience in business management; people development, operations, sales, marketing / digital marketing and setting up distribution channels and agreements world-wide.

Lisa is also a trained coach and mentor and sits as an NED on Dooka’s board.