cabin knives



Alfie, the mastermind behind lockdown success story ‘Cabin Knives’ had seen an interest of his become his hobby and very soon after his career in a matter of months. Through this insanely busy period for Alfie, he had trialled a few different business models, but found himself teetering on the edge of burnout and not quite fulfilling the dream he had originally envisioned when Cabin Knives was born. 

Through our discovery sessions we uncovered the potential for not only a re-brand, but also a restructuring of service. Alfie like most craftspeople, was most effective when he had full creative freedom over his work. The new service meant Alfie could focus on finding interesting and bespoke materials, and produce objects with his unique vision - becoming available throughout the year through a series of spontaneous sales akin to a street fashion drop.


Supported by the new visual language inspired by traditional and manual production methods, Alfie’s new business strategy and brand harmonised his service, but also his passions, and made Cabin Knives something which wholly supported and fulfilled Alfie once more. It is now a reliable and measurable platform for business and personal growth whilst maintaining Alfies signature charm and style.

“I can with out a doubt say that being introduced to, and working with Dooka is one of the best things that has happened to my business.

If you are looking to shift your business up a gear then I can not recommend them enough, they are gentlemen, they are professionals, they are unique, they are Dooka.“

alfie fry, Founder

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