good habits



The undeniable physical and mental health benefits to spiritual practices are centuries old. The way it is delivered however, often alienates a wider, uninitiated audience. Good Habits is an introductory service that empowers their community with the tools they need to tackle the typical  stresses of a modern life.

The service, and it's eclectic collective of teachers, needed an encompassing brand and identity that would make spirituality more approachable and accessible through classes both online and in person.


The straight cut, high energy identity showcased a positive approach to the first steps into spiritual health. With a host of open-source graphics, animated overlays and creative templates, Good Habits were able to unify their communications as well as their community of experts across digital channels and facilitate branded physical classes.

“Simply put, dooka are the best branding and design agency that I’ve worked with. Easily. Not only is the output silly good, the experience of working with them is just next level.

A real intelligent and creative team who just got me, loved and supported the idea and then gave me grade A tools to run with it.“

chris nutman, founder