thomas straker

right then, a pop up restaurant

brand | packaging

The ever-changing climate of COVID and the ensuing lockdown had a crushing impact on the hospitality industry and Tom Straker was no exception. Having plans for the opening of his own restaurant “Acre” scuppered, Tom was keen to get back in the kitchen.

Upon a change in regulation, venues could open for takeaway options. Tom wanted to launch a Pop-Up that reflected the exclusivity of street fashion drops whilst encapsulating his affinity for Italian flare. Supported with the power of his social media audience, the limited tickets would generate a hype unparalleled by existing options; a restaurant experience on the streets.


However, due to the spontaneity of the project proposal and the necessity to act quickly, Tom needed the visual identity and assets ready for launch in 3 weeks time. Meaning Dooka effectively had to streamline our process and pile our resources into this project.

When thinking of a name, there seemed no other choice. “Right Then” had become somewhat of a catchphrase throughout Tom’s social presence and perfectly captured the impulsive nature of the Pop-Up.

The visual assets were to be used digitally through his social media promotion but also on menus, packaging and merchandise for the event. 


Right Then sold out for the 12 weeks that it ran at Carousel, London. Now, we can’t claim that had anything to do with our visual identity, Tom’s culinary skill attracts patrons from far and wide - In fact, dooka managed to make it down for the finale. But it did blossom a relationship that gifted us the pleasure of developing Tom’s personal brand and website. Check it out here.

“The boys at dooka took our vision, stretched and challenged us with it and ultimately helped hone it into a solid foundation.

They are more than just a group of creatives, their commercial awareness also helped guide our business strategy.“

mikey flatman, co-founer