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A culinary cacophony of cooking and comedy

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Enthusiastic, hilarious and quick to the draw, Will Hughes is a natural showman. The instagram page @WhatWillyCook was the platform for Will’s passions, comedy and cooking.

To create a brand and accompanying website through which Will could feature his recipes and expanding forms of content; ultimately allowing Will to go forth and conquer the internet.

A brand that encompasses Will’s charming personality and incredible talent, allowing him to pursue his personal and professional goals. Featuring a host of brand assets, Will’s world is now digitally represented via the bespoke spectacle that is the WhatWilly website.


As with everything in lockdown, this branding project started with multiple zoom calls about all things food, comedy, dreams and destiny.

We were captivated by Will’s pursuit of genuine passion and his own independence, things which have informed our creative process throughout.

Will and WhatWillyCook are synonymous; one does not exist without the other. The success of Will’s content is driven by the originality of his work. It is a blend of his own low-fi visual style, approachable cookery and alternative humor. 

For the brand to enable Will’s success to continue growing and diversifying, it would need to authentically represent Will and his emerging style. 

We heavily tailored our creative process to help us understand Will. His inspirations, aspirations and thought process were formalised into the foundations of his brand.

what Willy

A crucial decision in Will’s strategic direction was moving away from the restrictive “WhatWillyCook” into the more versatile and future-proofed “WhatWilly”. 

This created space for Will to flex his full creative potential into areas which weren’t solely positioned in the world of food. Facilitating the transition from a comedy cook to align with his aspirations of becoming an independent media personality.


In the midst of Will’s quintessentially British comedy and diverse personal taste, we recognised a common recurring thread; Nostalgia. 

This drove concept exploration into generational imagery and styling, rich with pop culture references. Represented in a low-fi style and rooted in satire, the concepts were designed to resonate with Will’s engaged audience.


An underpinning theme of the WhatWilly brand was play, so we thought it was only right to build Will his very own playground. We created an interactive area of the website where the weird and wonderful world of WhatWilly could be showcased. 

In homage to Zoltar (‘Big’.1993), WhatWilly Wonder features a custom animation paired with a random message generator that simply allows Will to be Will.


“Dooka are a joy to work with and have been absolutely key in helping me to grow and build my brand. I love them deeply and anyone who works with them will quickly see why.”