Achieving a work/life balance with Naval Ravikant

'Joe Rogan experience 1309 with Naval Ravikant' covers all things from Naval's alternative approach to the work, how the future of work is changing and how to achieve a work / life balance.

February 28, 2021

As a company we regularly share different Joe Rogan podcasts internally to educate ourselves on certain areas, whether that is business, philosophy, technology or politics. The sheer variety of guests that he has on his show really does mean he covers so many different topics.

It’s no wonder that Spotify recently secured an exclusive deal with Joe Rogan (arguably one of the world's most popular podcasters) and ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’. This deal was estimated to be worth £82 million ($100 million) according to the Wall Street Journal and arrived on Spotify on the 1st of September.

Needless to say we love ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ and we often watch them/listen to them as inspiration on topics, as a break from work or whilst we cook and we found ‘#1309 with Naval Ravikant’ very enlightening.

Naval Ravikant | Angel List

Naval Ravikant is an entrepreneur, angel investor, author, co-maintainer of Angel list and an all round life and business guru! Within this podcast he raises some particular areas of interest that resonated strongly with our attitude to work and life.

We’re not meant to work 9 – 5

One of the main reasons we decided to create is our desire to work how we want, where we want and with who we want. We don’t feel that the typical Monday to Friday, 9-5 working week aligns with our work/life (same thing) values. If it's nice weather on a weekday, go out and enjoy it and work later on in the day instead of sticking to the standard routine week we adopted from the days of working in factories in the industrial age. That’s why being a mobile and fluid design agency is so important to us.

Dolly Parton Working 9-5

You should educate yourself all your life

‘Always remember to water the houseplants’ We think it is incredibly important to be always educating yourself in a variety of ways, whether that’s learning completely new skills such as pottery making classes or signing up to a new Udemy course. The thinking behind this is you never know where your next sprig of inspiration may come from and all skills are good skills and can be applied in different ways. There is strength in an agency with varied skills!

Play and don’t overload your brain too much information

There is not enough importance placed on encouraging play within our society! (especially for adults). We believe it is one of the best ways of realigning yourself or resting and de stressing after work. Also with the constant onslaught of information we receive from social media and the social expectancies that come with this it’s important to have a mechanism to prevent your brain being weighed down too much.

Workaholics sat on a roof drinking

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Own a business and work for yourself

Everyone is unique and people learn/develop in different ways, so why would we all work the same? Some people work better at night with music and some people work better in a silent library. Owning your own business allows you to choose how you work best and allows you to understand what you enjoy and what you don’t. By knowing what you get enjoyment from in work/life you can do more of that and be happier.

Work should feel like play to you so no-one can compete with you

We love the work we do, we love the people we work with and we love the environment we work in. For us work is play. When we meet a client, who shares similar values as us and they apply those values to their own business, it’s a match made in heaven and we believe the work we produce speaks for itself.

Make, Work, Play | Graphic

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Do art, creativity, love. Do things for their own sake

Our passion is creating things whether that is a product, brand, graphics, video or systems. We love doing it! We love collaborating with businesses and being a part of creating something tangible that offers real value to our clients. That’s what we do, we love it and we won’t stop.

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