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Last years winners were an introductory service for positive physical and mental health with a broad range of spiritual teachers. Good Habits are on a mission to give everyone in the world the tools they need to change their bad habits with Good Habits. 🌍

March 24, 2022

Last year's “Doo Good” campaign was under the guise of “Reach out to help out” (hilariously named after the dining scheme that was ultimately responsible for a secondary wave; go figure). Alas, our objective was to solely Do Good and to do so very, very safely. We wanted to find companies that were making a positive change in the world and offer them a unique brand package (for free) to help improve their own offering and service.

That’s right. You heard me. I said completely FREE.

After many applied, Good Habits were our unanimous winners. 2 inspirational dreamers who were destined for greatness with their project that hoped to raise the spirituality of the world through practices and techniques that had helped themselves

Good Habits were the service that the world needed in 2021. After a year of lockdown and another one constantly looming, we were all too aware of the state of mental health in the nation. People were struggling and didn’t have the tools they needed to help themselves. We were all too aware of the market that would see the greatest impact; young men. Being 2 young men themselves, Chris and Jamie were the perfect guys to pitch this introductory service and normalise spirituality.

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The service was in its infancy when Dooka entered the scene, and the ambitious founders had a few directions they wanted to take it in; would it be physical classes? Would it be a digital service? Would they sell products? Could they do them all? Well, we wanted to focus on getting this service off the ground and in front of the right people as quickly as possible. The lofty aspirations of the start-up were met with business pragmatism of our extended team. We looked to help strategically launch the start-up, alongside our strategic positioning of the brand. Our own Non-Executive Director (N.E.D), Business mentor and general great person, Lisa Reading, helped the young entrepreneurs consolidate their thoughts from a commercial perspective. Working to understand the potential areas of business development and highlight opportunities from an experienced industry mentor is key for a start-up, especially one acting in a space as “Doo Good” as this.

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After aligning on the commercial side, Dooka began our launch into creative strategy; facilitating workshops to understand the foundations of the brand, its positioning, its market, its attitude and its ambitions. Particularly with start-ups, these sessions can develop into conversations that are much broader than a brand perspective. As designers with a background in innovation design, the Dooka team will often identify opportunities for strategic advantages in terms of service that will ultimately help us to shape the brand. Our independent research and the workshops with the passionate founders brought us to a conclusion. If Good Habits was going to be an introductory service to spirituality; it needed bringing down to earth. Too many people were put off by the “hippie dippy” attitude that spirituality had gained. It was too intangible, too wishy washy and caused “ordinary” folk to feel disassociated and unrepresented.

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The brand we developed was a no nonsense approach to the tangible, physical and mental health benefits that are available through the practice of Good Habits. With a casual tone of voice, a bright colour palette and a transferable visual system, we made the brand approachable for the community they wanted to target, and ownable by the network they hoped to build. We subsequently developed a host of collateral to help them and their wider team produce consistent brand communications. We created pitch decks to attract spiritual teachers, breathing experts and yogi gurus to join the movement and shape the community. And also launched a brand-first marketing campaign in areas that we believed the service could make the most impact (the bookies, the pub etc. wherever our bad habits thrive). We wanted to give the pair the tools to launch their service with a consolidated brand with the flexibility to support their quest for global, spiritual domination.

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Check out the full case study here: good habits

With the communication tools provided, Good Habits have consistent physical and digital touchpoints for their online and in-person classes. There is a staggering amount of potential and necessity for this brand and service to be a success and this is just the beginning. I have no doubt that the Good Habits team will go on to do amazing things.

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We absolutely loved this project. Being young men who had been personally affected (R.I.P Ben) by the lack of availability to these coping mechanisms; such projects are an honour to be a part of. The passion of the founders was palpable and our conversations around such a sensitive topic were always comfortable, positive and inspired. Our relationship with Good Habits (as they often do) developed into a partnership for continued positive work and a friendship between us

It’s rare to find a branding project that is doing so much good and resonates so heavily with you on such a personal level. We want to help other companies that are doing good. Our mission has, and always will be; to do the work we love, for ideas we respect, with people we admire. Often business aspirations and goals aren’t quite “to positively shape the spiritual and mental health of the world” but we want to know what good businesses are doing. We don’t need more businesses that are for-profit and growth above all else. We need conscious consumerism and corporations that respect the planet. We need companies that want to “Doo Good” and we want to help those companies beat the competition.

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What does your business do? And ask yourself, how does my business do good? If you think your business is making a positive difference in your industry, we would love to hear from you, and perhaps you could be the lucky winner of our Doo Good giveaway this year. Applications open on Monday so keep an eye out for our Do Good posts and how to enter.

Papa Hands has always said: “You can’t win the raffle if you don’t buy a ticket”

If you want any more information on the competition or what Dooka do, don’t hesitate to ask.

Peace & Good Things,


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