loah beer

cheers to the free can weekend


The low and no alcohol movement has been gaining momentum for a long time now.

With this, and the accessibility of localised brewing facilities, opportunities have been seized to create new and exciting drinking options, and none more unique and challenging to convention than lockdown baby, Loah Beer Co.


Thanks to their stand-out approach to brewing the perfect low-alcoholic alternative, and along with their ethos of disrupting the standard notion that low-alcoholic options are inferior, Loah’s positioning as a very tantalising alternative was strong.  

We worked together to strategically align the core purposes of Loah’s marketing campaigns, and build a framework around how success was measured across various forms of social media marketing. In doing so, the strapline, ‘it’s a sunshine state of mind’ was explored and expanded upon, bringing greater depth and a broader understanding to Loah’s mission.

“As an individual with no idea where to start a brand, the whole process with dooka has been invaluable, I wouldn't have got that anywhere else.“

chris Swanborough, founder

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