the best kept secret in fashion


UpGarm were an ambitious startup looking to tackle one of the biggest threats to a positive circular economy - fast fashion. The vision of the business was to not only change the fashion industry but also the preconceived connotations of what ‘Upcycled’ meant. 

Through our discovery sessions we uncovered that for this change to happen there had to be a switch where items weren’t ‘upcycled’ because they were out of favour, but ‘re-worked’ because they were a creative opportunity for self expression.


This lead to the brand proposition of, ‘See inside the studio’ which signalled a transparency between creator and fashionista. A visual language was developed to embody the feeling of being inside a fashion house studio, and the creative and exploratory outpour that happens within those walls. Clean, minimal, and creative - letting the pieces do the talking.

"The boys at dooka took our vision, stretched and challenged us with it and ultimately helped hone it into a solid foundation.

They are more than just a group of creatives, their commercial awareness also helped guide our business strategy."

mikey flatman, co-founer

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