thomas straker

kitchen conviviality


Following a year building a following on social media, Tom saw the inherent value of creating a personal brand that would allow him to formalise his offering and develop more brand partnerships. Tom isn’t your typical chef. Tom’s approachable nature meant his brand could be dynamic, fun, exciting and ultimately cool. 

We derived the brand proposition ‘Kitchen Conviviality’, where spontaneity and genuine connection add to the emotion of the perfectly relaxed atmosphere. Tom emphasises through his work attention to detail and commitment to quality. With an ethos of simplicity, it’s about doing the important things right. Therefore it was key that the brand aesthetic had an air of modern classicism, simple yet considered.

“As an individual with no idea where to start a brand, the whole process with dooka has been invaluable, I wouldn't have got that anywhere else.“

thomas straker


Once completed Tom was equipped with a conclusive brand toolkit to help support him on his journey. His platform was now consolidated with a complete visual language which could traverse all the possible vertices that Tom wanted to move into.

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